George Rodrigue – American Artist

George Rodrigue (American, Louisiana, 1944 to 2013)


A native of New Iberia, Louisiana, George Rodrigue was not only an accomplished artist, he was also a savvy businessman and philanthropist. A student of the University of Louisiana and the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Rodrigue began his career in illustration, before turning to painting full time.

His earliest works, steeped in the Acadian lore and Cajun history of his ancestors [...] Click here to continue reading.

Semans, Mary Duke Biddle Trent – Brunk Provenance Note 8-2013

Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans (1920 to 2012)

An American heiress and philanthropist, Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans was the great-granddaughter of tobacco industrialist and Duke University benefactor Washington Duke. She was born Mary Duke Biddle on February 21, 1920 to Mary Lillian Duke and Anthony J. Drexel Biddle Jr. Her father was the former U.S. Ambassador to Poland and Spain.

Semans was raised in Manhattan, where she attended the Hewitt School in New [...] Click here to continue reading.

Vittorio Caradossi – Italian Sculptor

Vittorio Caradossi (Italian, 1861 to 1909)

Vittorio Caradossi was born in Florence and studied sculpture under Augusto Rivalta at the Accademia di Belle Arti. His genre epitomizes fin-de-siecle Tuscan sculpture. Technically superb, most of his oeuvre is dominated by highly-decorative groups and single nude figures in various symbolic or allegorical guises. In works such as Tre Nereidi (Three Mermaids), Il Fumo che sale verso le Nubi (Smoke Sweeping up to the Clouds), and Shooting [...] Click here to continue reading.

Raffaello Romanelli – Italian Sculptor

Raffaello Romanelli (Italian, 1856 to 1928)

Raffaello Romanelli was the second generation of a dynasty of Florentine sculptors active from the 1820s onward. The son of Pasquale Romanelli, he is considered one of the foremost Italian monumental sculptors of his generation. He studied under his father (a pupil of Lorenzo Bartolini) and August Rivalta at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, moving to Rome briefly in 1880. During the 1890s he was commissioned [...] Click here to continue reading.

The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James Grievo – Provenance-Pook May 2012

The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James Grievo, Stockon, New Jersey

It all started around 1971. Just home from college and having a difficult time finding a job, I started going to house tag sales where I would find small interesting things to sell to antique dealers. It was something I really enjoyed doing, and 1 was amazed I was making real money for the first time. I soon realized that this was [...] Click here to continue reading.

Catherine de Medici, Queen of France

Catherine de Medici (1519 to 1589)

Born to wealthy parents, Caterina de’ Medici (1519 to 1589) was orphaned within the first month of life. Although her father was of common origins, her mother was from an ancient French noble family, so a number of European royal families were interested in arranging a marriage with her, and the decision was up to Pope Clement VII, Giulio de’ Medici. Although James V of Scotland thought he [...] Click here to continue reading.

Chinese Dynastic Chronology

Chinese Dynastic Chronology

Note: In general, the p4A reference database uses the Pinyin naming convention system for Chinese Terminology. Where the name varies under the Wade-Giles system p4A will present that alternative in brackets. For example: Qing [or Ch'ing] Dynasty.

Neolithic Period, circa 6500 to 1700 BC

Xia Dynasty, circa 2100 to 1600 BC

Shang Dynasty, circa 1600 to 1100 BC

Zhou [or Chou] Dynasty, circa 1100 to 256 BC Western Zhou, circa 1100 [...] Click here to continue reading.

Peterson, Carl – American Folk Artist and Sculptor

Carl Peterson (American, 1869 to 1969)

From St. James, Minnesota, Carl Peterson was an expert blacksmith, cabinetmaker and accomplished mason who lived to be 100 years old. Sometime during the 20th century, he set out to create an “Environmental Sculpture Garden of Nature,” whimsical and powerful depictions of concrete and steel showing animals and primitive people. It is thought that his work is the most significant folk art ever created in concrete.

Information [...] Click here to continue reading.

Feliciano Bejar – Mexican-American Sculptor & Artist

Feliciano Bejar (Mexican, American, 1920 to 2007)

A primarily a self-taught artist, Bejar’s formal education was severely limited by his family’s financial situation and by the nearly paralytic polio which struck him at the age of 8. He briefly attended the Salesian College school before that institution was closed by the government. Bejar believed this lack of education allowed him a free approach to his art.

Known for his experimental pieces incorporating metal, glass, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Nevelson, Louise Berliawsky – American Sculptor

Louise Berliawsky Nevelson (American, 1899 to 1988)

Louise Nevelson’s interest in working with wood scraps began at the age of nine while visiting her father’s lumberyard in Rockland, Maine. She started her career as an artist at the Art Students League in New York, where she was exposed to important works by artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso. She later went on to assist Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Nevelson is best known [...] Click here to continue reading.

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