The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James Grievo – Provenance-Pook May 2012

The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James Grievo, Stockon, New Jersey

It all started around 1971. Just home from college and having a difficult time finding a job, I started going to house tag sales where I would find small interesting things to sell to antique dealers. It was something I really enjoyed doing, and 1 was amazed I was making real money for the first time. I soon realized that this was [...] Click here to continue reading.

Collection of Carl and Joyce Mueller, Tallmadge, Ohio-Provenance Note-Garths

The Lifetime Collection of Carl & Joyce Mueller, Tallmadge, Ohio

“For over one half century, we have collected – lived with – and enjoyed antiques”.

Carl spent over fifty years in the commercial radiator business started by his father in 1920. Joyce is a retired elementary public school teacher. Our first collecting passion was for Edwardian era antique automobiles and mechanical music (music boxes, automaton, orchestrion, etc.) Shortly after our marriage in [...] Click here to continue reading.

El Roy and Helene Master Collection -Provenance- Pook & Pook, 6-19-09

The Collection of El Roy and Helene Master

The offering of the antiques and collectables of El Roy P. and Helene Livingood Master comes with some degree of sadness. This collection has remained intact for five generations and it is hoped that others can now appreciate its beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Helen, Harry and Minnie Janssen

This legacy started with the arrival of Henry Janssen and Ferdinand Thun from Germany at the turn [...] Click here to continue reading.

Smith, Richard and Joane – Provenance -Pook & Pook 10-30-2010

Ex Collection of Richard and Joane Smith

Richard Flanders Smith and his wife Joane both grew up in New England, Richard in Massachusetts and Joane in Connecticut. They both had a keen interest in art and design and attended the Yale University School of Fine Arts where they met as 3rd year art students. The couple sent each other one handmade drawn or painted card after card as their romance blossomed. After eloping in [...] Click here to continue reading.

Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moyer, Lederach – Provenance Note

Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moyer, Lederach, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Jay R. Moyer, a public servant and former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is a proud descendant of Mennonite and Schwenkfelder immigrants, who arrived on ships such as the “Good Ship Friendship,” which docked in the City of Philadelphia in 1729. Jay’s ancestor, Hans Christian Meyer, along with other early settlers from Switzerland and Germany, finally settled and helped to form [...] Click here to continue reading.



Flax, also known as linseed, (binomial name: Linum usitatissimum, a member of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae), is an ancient and versatile plant of many uses. Dyed flax fibers have been found dating to 30,000 B.C., suggesting that it may have been the first plant domesticated for human use. In addition to its fibers, flax seeds have nutritional value for both human and animal consumption. From the earliest times these seeds [...] Click here to continue reading.

Jess Blackstone – Folk Art Bird Carvings

Jess Blackstone (1909-1988)

A selection of Jess Blackstone bird carvings from the Cheryl & Paul Scott Collection

The Private Collection of Cheryl and Paul Scott, featuring miniature bird carvings by Jess Blackstone, will be offered at auction by Skinner, Inc. on August 12, 2012.

Our collection of Jess Blackstone miniature birds started when we bought a chickadee for $10 about 30 years ago. We had no idea who the carver was, [...] Click here to continue reading.

Chinese Furniture Woods

Chinese Furniture Woods

Chinese furniture uses many types of wood that are not only known by their Chinese names, but also share their Chinese names with several other types of wood, so confusion may easily result. The three most valued types of wood are huali, zitan, and jichimu.

Huanghuali A member of the rosewood family, huali is a tropical hardwood that grows in China with a wide range of hues, and whose Chinese [...] Click here to continue reading.

Qing Dynasty

Note: Chinese names of cities and individuals appear first in Pinyin. Traditional or Wade-Giles versions, where available, follow in parenthesis.

The Golden Years of the Qing Dynasty: The Ming Dynasty Crumbles

By the middle of the 16th century, the once brilliant Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was in decline. Beset by external threats in the form of piracy on the coast and the aggressive Mongol nomads to the north, conditions were made worse by inept [...] Click here to continue reading.

Chinese Dynastic Chronology

Chinese Dynastic Chronology

Note: In general, the p4A reference database uses the Pinyin naming convention system for Chinese Terminology. Where the name varies under the Wade-Giles system p4A will present that alternative in brackets. For example: Qing [or Ch'ing] Dynasty.

Neolithic Period, circa 6500 to 1700 BC

Xia Dynasty, circa 2100 to 1600 BC

Shang Dynasty, circa 1600 to 1100 BC

Zhou [or Chou] Dynasty, circa 1100 to 256 BC Western Zhou, circa 1100 [...] Click here to continue reading.

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